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Your head start in trade fair handling: FAIRS

Trade fair logistics is a very complicated business. Time constraints and hectic determine set-up and take-down conditions and place the highest demands on powerful data processing.

The requirements of exhibitors and booth builders concerning the capabilities of their trade fair participation have grown remarkably. Expected is a consolidated show which provides time and cost savings for set-up and take-down. This is where service and transport providers have to orient their technical and organizational facilities.

With FAIRS you can conduct clear, efficient planning including organization and handling of trade fair transport operations.

Use modern technology in your business to efficiently master the recurring challenges of trade fair logistics and still have control over them at any given time.

Show your customers your professional expertise by easily accessing recurring documents with a simple mouse-click. In conjunction with the professional uniform handling of correspondence, all documents will be auditably saved.

Keep an overview of all past, present and future projects. With the real-time statistics from FAIRS, planning, organization and control of operations is achieved.

Transfer of Exhibitor Data:

Participating Exhibitors can be automatically recorded and be updated with central customer files.


Currently available exhibitor data makes direct contact with the customer, prior to a trade fair, possible.

Planning and Organization of Setup:

Customer inquiries and reservations flow into planning and the information network.


Optimized use of equipment. Takeover of real-time data into the automated billing.

Order Processing:

Tradefair-specific division of logistic work procedures

Immediate Invoicing:

For each trade fair order, an instant invoice can be provided for collection procedures.


Orders which once took weeks to account for, are a thing of the past. Real-time work-oriented accounting makes prompt and cost-effective processing possible.


"Open interface" guarantees optimal data exchange between authorized users.


"Always be aware of what's required." Up-to-date monitor views of all important business data or complete auditable printouts of global statistics.

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